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Plastic sewers and FRP sewers

19.01.2022 12:32

Plastic sewers and FRP sewers

Plastic sewers:

Plastic sewers are not that common in our country. These types of sewers contain plastic pipes. At sewerex.com, one can book the sewer drain pipe denver and main sewer line cleaner denver for the treatment of sewer system. There are basically two types of plastic pipes that are used in sewers - High-Density Polyethylene pipes (HDPE pipes) and Poly Vinyle Chloride pipes (PVC pipes). Although, Poly Vinyle Chloride pipes are not that much suitable for sewer works and therefore in most cases, High-Density Polyethylene pipes are used as sewers.

Advantages of plastic sewers:

  • These sewers are resistant to corrosion.
  • These sewers have a property of excellent flow characteristics which allows flatter gradients.
  • These sewers are available in long lengths (around 6m or so)
  • These are no soft ad brittle like asbestos cement pipes and other pipes. Therefore, if these pipes get fall down or a hard time at the time of transportation, handling, loading, unloading, etc does not affect the pipes that much.

The HDPE pipes are generally joined through welding and the PVC pipes are joined by using a socket and spigot joint.

Types of Indian Standard which gives the specifications of Plastic Pipes:

  1. Poly Vinyle Chloride pipes (PVC pipes) – IS: 4985-1988
  2. High Density Polyethylene pipes (HDPE pipes) – IS: 4984-1987

Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic Sewers (FERP Sewers):

Fibre glass-reinforced plastic sewers contain Fibre glass-reinforced plastic pipes. These reinforced plastic pipes are made up of polyester resin, fibre glass, and fillers. These pipes have many good characteristics such as high tensile strength, high corrosion resistance, high strength, durability, and low density. Fibre glass-reinforced plastic pipes are designed with lengths up to 18m and diameter up to 2400m.

In many countries, these pipes are commonly used where pipes that are resistant to corrosion are in demand at a reasonable price. Even now in our country, these pipes are starting to get manufactured. The Indian standard IS: 12709-1989 provides the detailed and brief specifications of the fibre glass reinforced plastic pipes.

Double bell coupling is used to join fibre glass reinforced plastic pipes.

We can also use these fibreglass reinforced plastic pipes as a lining material for conventional pipes which are favourable to get corroded. Both internal and external corrosion can be resisted by applying a coating of fibreglass whether the corrosion mechanism is chemical or galvanic in nature

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